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Define It As Money

The main purpose of this petition is to create a lobby group to get bitcoin defined as “money” by ALL USA regulatory agencies. For more details, visit the website.

Anyone may share to and download the petition for reference and then pass it on to others who are US residents. Your financial involvement is greatly appreciated even if you are not a US resident. Your support will help you in the long run by clearing the regulation nightmare allowing rapid innovation in blockchain technology.

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The below information is the basics for the petition. Complete the form and we will send you an email containing a letter to your Congressmen along with mailing instructions. The below is an outline of what is on the website and in the petition.


The US Government should declare bitcoin as money and potentially accept it as payment for taxes.


Currently, the US government via the IRS, FINRA, CFTC, and just about every other government regulatory agency has different rules and definitions for bitcoin. This makes it virtually impossible for US companies to be innovative and competitive in the bitcoin industry along with a serious loss of tax revenue.


  • Congress needs to be directed to take action declaring bitcoin as money and not leave this up to all the individual companies to fight legal battles.
  • Demands that bitcoin needs special controls to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorism are false and instead bitcoin is IDEAL for determining and PROVING fraud, money laundering and terrorism.
  • IRS designation of bitcoin as property is designed to increase the size of the IRS. Make it money and you can eliminate a lot of IRS field agents by tracking the bitcoin in software.
  • Agencies claiming they need consumer protection for bitcoin are trying to justify greater employment for their agency. Bitcoin is not fraud, fraud is fraud. Regulate fraud, not bitcoin or the blockchain.
  • US innovation, business, and increased tax revenue will be realized if bitcoin were declared as money.
  • Banking would increase because bitcoin could flow in and out of currencies at a much larger rate. The banks and consumers would have greater benefit.
  • Remove KYC and AML from bitcoin and leave it with the banks and exchanges.


Declare bitcoin as money and potentially accept it as payment for taxes in the USA.

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